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No one is prone to accidents. While accidents could happen without anyone being held responsible or anyone getting injured, accidents also occur with one or multiple injuries recorded on one or more victims. For accidents that led to injuries, most times, one or more person or their negligence was responsible. In cases where these injuries are caused by the negligent actions of an individual or a group of individuals, the accident victim is empowered to assert a personal injury claim, and seek financial compensation for their medical bills, suffering, and pain, and wages missed (if they work).

What Types of Legal Claims Can We Help You With?

A car accident

The occurrence of automobile accidents is common on the roads of New York. Apart from having a substantial number of registered drivers, there are also several vehicles plying these roads. People staying in densely populated areas of the city are even more likely to experience an accident.

Slip and fall
With people always on the go, slip and fall accidents are inevitable. From home to work or a public places, there is always movement of people who are interested in getting ahead in the world. Such constant activities can lead to accident types that cause a personal injury, like a slip and fall.


Dog bite

Perhaps you or anyone close to you has been bitten by a dog, working with an experienced dog bite attorney is essential to protect your rights to pursue any financial compensation you deserve. Dog bites are usually costly, considering medical care, and other damages suffered by the victims. Hence it is imperative for individuals attacked by a dog to consult with a dog bite injury attorney without wasting time.

Construction worker injury

You are expected to understand the dangers of your work site and take precautions accordingly. You should also wear the right safety equipment and never undertake unnecessary risks that do not go well with the site safety protocols. Even with all this observed and followed, you can still end up suffering a significant injury while on the job.

A Yacht accident

Yacht accidents are largely recorded because people usually overlook the dangers associated with watercraft, as compared to cars or do not simply understand the fundamental rules of the waterways. With the nature of yachting as well as the direct and natural perils of the sea, individuals may experience yacht injuries due to many reasons.

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